STT Advertising’s Trailer Billboards provide you with a unique opportunity to place billboards in new and lucrative positions. One of the best uses of trailer advertising is to place it on private land in sight of major roads/highways/arterials or key intersections. Once positioned, they are completely environmentally friendly, doing no damage to the surroundings.

Our Billboard Trailers hold 36 square meters of advertising space split across two panels. Trailer Advertising is the perfect format for full colour, high impact campaigns and all of our trailers are fully weather proof meaning your advert will never lose colour or brightness. Whether you want the trailer advertising as a greeting for entrants to a property development or to impact consumers as they enter your store, STT can prepare a solution to meet any budget or requirement.

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Best Uses for Mobile Billboards

  Park near busy intersections

  Impact Busy Public Transport Hubs

  Influence Events Patrons

  Raise awareness of Shop Sales

  Enlighten people of new Restaurants

Free Campaign Add-Ons

  Illumination – Panels can be back lit making it possible to run evening campaigns and stand out impressively at night.

  GPS Tracking – All Campaigns have thorough reporting and accountability


No Additional Cost – Illumination can be added to your campaign at No Additional CostCall us now to find out whether your campaign would benefit from our add-ons.

STT Trailer Advertising Billboards offer maximum size while maintaining flexibility

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Trailer Advertising Characteristics





Environmentally Friendly




Try pairing Trailer Advertising with our other services to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign!

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