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Interesting Facts About Billboards

By October 4, 2019March 9th, 2021No Comments

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A lot of individuals must come across at least one billboard almost daily while reaching their office or university and the rest must have encountered them once in their lives. But have you ever wondered how billboard came into existence and became one of the most important parts of outdoor media?
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Here are some of the interesting facts you may have not heard before.

●The First known billboard

– Considering the oldest fact of the billboard commencement, it is considered as one of the oldest forms of large-scale communication, announcement and declaration. As per the pages of history, it was used before the folks started depending on newspapers or radio ads. Facts are to be believed, the Obelisk in Thebes, Egypt, used to advertise for rewards and other announcements. It was considered as one of the silence methods of communication before people were dependent on the word of mouth.

– With that, soon Egyptians realised that it was considered as one of the effective ways of communicating information and spreading the news and then they started using obelisks to post laws and other news to inform the general public about daily activities.
With that, the journey of billboard began and even today, the benefits are still evident. These billboard predecessors called attention to the effectiveness of distributing a message to many people at once without disturbing their daily routine. It was considered as one method targeted to thousands at once.

●Electronic billboards have been used for more than 100 years

You probably associate digital billboards with more recent times. But, electronic billboards go back much further. In 1904, the world’s first electronic sign in New York City was installed by Oscar J. Gude, an early billboard pioneer. This early sign carried a flashing message for Trimble Whiskey.

●World’s biggest billboard

When you think about the world’s biggest billboard, the first location that most commonly comes to mind is Times Square, but the world’s biggest billboard is located in Dubai. This billboard is 6260 metres squared, which is equivalent to 20 tennis courts and weighs as much as a male hippo!

●Times Square billboards are visible from space

Did you know that the glow of the billboards in Times Square is so bright that it can be seen from space? Yes, you heard it right! During a mission in space, the crew members took pictures of New York City and the astronauts said they couldn’t identify a lot of places, but they could identify Central Park as it is a long rectangle situated in the middle of Manhattan. Another thing they could instantly recognise was Times Square because of the magnificent glow of the billboards.

●World’s most expensive billboard

Do you know how much the most expensive billboard cost? You won’t believe it, but it cost a whopping $2.5 million! This billboard resided in Times Square and was advertised by the tech giant, Google. They paid a jaw-dropping $2.5 million to rent the billboard when it debuted in New York City and paid about $625 000 per week for the rent!

●Heard about scented billboards?

Your senses govern your desires, right? And when you see things that appeal to you on billboards, you want to own them. This is a strategy most companies utilise to get you to purchase their products.

Although, some companies take it a step further. A grocery store in North Carolina launched a scented billboard that smelled of grilled steak. Although it gained a lot of media attention, eventually failed to allure more customers.

●People notice billboards

According to a survey conducted by Media Dynamics, Inc. people are exposed to up to 5000 ads every day! And, you might not know this, but lots of people actually see these ads on billboards and automatically read what’s written on them

Wrapping Up

From history until the present, every outdoor advertising agency holds a vital place for billboards. If you are seeking a medium in Australia for your outdoor marketing to attract a majority of viewers, then billboard is your go-to option, and SST Advertising is your go-to solution as the most reliable outdoor advertising company in Australia.