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Billboards have been used for advertising by companies for a long time now and are still considered an effective method of advertising. Though it has evolved over the years, it remains a popular fixture on the roadside and other places. It happens to be one of the most effective methods of reaching millions of motorists. Almost every firm advertises in some way, or the other, billboard advertising is not cheap, but it is highly effective if done strategically. Some of the common rules of designing a billboard advertisement include:

  • Design an attractive billboard one with fancy images or story that creates a good impression in the seconds in which it is viewed.
  • Keep it short and simple since an average person will not view it for more than 10 seconds.
  • Bigger and bolder is better and more effective when trying to create an impression.
    Use a mix of bright and attractive colours to make the billboard stand and to better retain the message.
  • The location of the billboard advertising plays a crucial role in how effective it will be.
  • This article goes on to explain the significance of location for billboard advertising in Sydney.

Significance of the Billboard Location

Billboards are one of the best advertising tools that those passing by can connect with, however, if it is not placed at the relevant location it will not be very effective or serve the purpose. Here is a list of important factors to explain why the location is important for billboard advertising in Brisbane for the success of a marketing campaign:

  • One of the basic rules of marketing is to target a relevant audience that fulfils the goals of your billboard marketing strategy. Thus, it is vital to select a billboard location that offers the maximum exposure and that too for the right audience.
  • Billboards are erected all over the place, but not all of them are visible. For example, those being slightly obstructed by a tree, wires or a pole from some angle will serve no purpose—even the slightest obstruction can affect the desired result.
  • Placing your advert on a billboard on a less used highway will serve no purpose. It is essential to research the traffic routes and the type of traffic that frequents those routes. The more traffic the more views you are likely to get.
  • The nature of the firm also plays a vital role in deciding where to place the billboard advert. For example, if the advert is to target the younger generation, it is a good idea to place it close to schools, malls and play zones. One the other hand, if it is meant for adults & frequent travellers, put it on a highway at a vantage location.
  • It is highly beneficial to place a billboard close in the vicinity of your business. For example, if the business is a highway food place, it makes sense to put your billboard advert along the highway. This can be either a big advert notifying drivers of a food stop or several billboard adverts leading up to the place of business.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

There are many outdoor advertisements like mobile billboards, truck advertising, scooter advertising, walking billboards and static billboards. Each form of outdoor advertising helps target a different section of the audience. Billboards are a very effective advertising method since they have greater scope and can reach a wider audience. It happens to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The key to ensuring it is successful is to place it at the right location, design it strategically and make it big and simple with a clear message.