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In this blog, we will be discussing everything about mobile billboards and determine whether it is an effective way to market your business.

How Effective are Mobile Billboards in Australia?

To a great extent and with some amazing results! If you spend a lot of time driving on freeways, you are bound to notice many billboard advertisements on either side of the road. Billboards are so commonplace and frequent that makes them hard to go unnoticed. With many working adults moving their lives ahead to the suburbs and often commuting into big cities for work, Australians are spending a lot of time in the car. 

According to a research paper, 

  • Outdoor mobile billboards have registered one of the highest recall rates i.e. 97%, which is 5x time greater than any other outdoor billboard marketing method out there. 
  • Opposite to traditional billboard advertising, mobile billboards can attract more passers-by on the move. 
  • Compared to other billboard advertising statistics, mobile billboards provide advertising to people who may have missed it in the first place. 

This method of billboard marketing and advertising usually consist of a prime message, visible in an area that isn’t cluttered by more than ten other billboards. Meaning people will pay more attention to the message displayed on the billboard because their heads are not being filled with several other advertisements. 

  • One of the research reported that 91% of a targeted audience notices the message and visuals on mobile truck advertising. According to the statistic, one can conclude that the reach of mobile billboards exceeds greatness. 
  • An average Australian spends 18 hours each week in the car travelling over 200 miles. But even though Australians spend quite some time on the roads, maybe even unconsciously viewing billboard advertising, Is mobile billboards advertising a truly effective strategy to market your brand?

Let’s examine why mobile billboards are effective and the factors that come into the picture when choosing to advertise with them.

The Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

As mentioned earlier, the recall rate of mobile billboard advertising is quite higher than any other advertising methods. Only 58% of people can recall an ad from their phone or on the internet, while 97% of people can recall an ad from mobile billboard advertising. Here are a few reasons why this method works like a charm:

1) Hard to Resist

Unfortunately, most of the advertisements are dismissed by audiences, especially when those ads are placed with a skip button nearby. According to a report, internet ad blocking has risen by 90% in just one year. Additionally, people reading print advertisements can easily flip the page or perhaps crumble and toss it around the nearby bin. Regardless of the case, ads that are immobile lose the attention of some potential consumers.

Mobile advertisements are not easy to miss. They can immediately grab everyone’s attention because they are placed in such an outdoor environment where lots of people commute and are well aware of their surroundings. When looking both the ways before crossing the street, you might end up noticing a mobile billboard, and remember the message listed on it. Regular poster panels or LED digital displays often aid a noticeable mobile ad that could be effective in terms of grabbing people’s attention.

2) A Large Number of Audience Reach

Unlike other advertising mediums, which can’t reach wide audiences, mobile billboards are more targeted towards people who frequently search for the material the ad interferes with. You might be aware of the fact that print advertising is only available to people who pick up the material, reads or skims through the contents of the magazine or newspaper, and internet ads will only reach those who are already going through the website. 

Passers-by, people in cars, buses, cabs, and bikes will notice mobile billboards because of them having outdoor exposure. Mobile billboards exist in most visible places. With that visibility, the marketing messages placed on the mobile billboard can resonate with a larger number of people than the same messages on other targeted platforms. Additionally, mobile billboards can also be more targeted and tailored to audiences commuting in different areas based on the situation.

3) Convenient To Target

By analysing and planning the route a mobile billboard vehicle travels through, this method of advertising will maximise the exposure and effectiveness of an advertisement. There are several places a mobile billboard can travel along. However, it is up to the advertiser and company to identify which area will best fit the hopeful target for the advertisement. Based on several factors such as high-traffic areas, specific socioeconomic areas, targeted neighbourhoods and businesses, events, or conferences, mobile billboard vehicles can travel smoothly in a high-performance area.

If you have decided to take the leap and try out mobile advertising in Australia, get in touch with us at STT Advertising. As one of the best mobile advertising solutions in Australia, we would love to understand your design, print ideas and help you find the best ad for your business. Call us today!