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As a business owner, there are a myriad of factors that you need to look after to ensure a streamlined and proper business operation.
Apart from analysing reports, maintaining bookkeeping, sales funnels, and cash flow, you also need to manage one of the most critical assets of your business: Your Brand.
A well-promoted, marketed, advertised brand will always stay on top of the chart and in the heart of your audience.

What’s better than using outdoor advertising to market your brand? According to a survey, about 82% of viewers were able to recall a digital out of home (DOOH) advertisement that they saw over a month ago.

One of the best DOOH advertising methods is scooter advertising.

Scooter advertising provides your brand with immediate access to a few exclusive areas that most mobile billboards or walking billboard advertising cannot reach.

In this blog, we will highlight the uses of scooter advertising and where it can be used to grab the immediate attention of the audience.

5 Places To Use Your Scooter Advertising in Sydney

1. At Mass Transit Areas

Scooter advertising is best for busy streets, crowded public transportation, and built-up areas.
As public transport hubs are one of the busiest places having a large number of passers-by, there are high chances of brand awareness.
A scooter is parked near to all public transport locations which display and promote your advertisement.
Choosing scooter advertising to promote your brand will be highly beneficial to you as it would grab the attention of people around the location.
Scooter advertising helps spread the word of mouth and some may even suggest your product or services to others.
Keep your advertisement attractive and unique. You can either play with words or add eye-catchy designs to capture the attention of people.

2. At Major Events

What could be better than hundreds and thousands of people noticing your brand in big events? Such major events include concerts or sports games events, where a large number of people are present.
Using scooter advertising in such places can help people around the location notice your advertisement.
Taking up traditional advertising such as handing out brochures or pamphlets can be a daunting task.
Additionally, there are high chances that people may not even consider taking them or let alone read.
Since scooters are flexible and can be moved from one place to another, any people passing by the location will notice your advertisement.
You can even inform about your current or upcoming sale via scooter advertising.

3. At New Retail Openings

Have you noticed any new restaurant, cafe, bar, or shop opening near your location? Great, because that’s where you can test your scooter advertising!
The new opening of any of these shops will have a hustle and bustle.
People will visit this newly launched place and you might want to take an advantage of this golden opportunity.
Additionally, It also helps attract the targeted audience in a particular area.

4. At Shopping Centres or Malls

Shopping centres or malls are some of the busiest places. With thousands of hustle and bustle daily, it is easy to find people around or at the location.
People visit such locations to either buy, window shop or know about various services.
Such one-stop-shops will attract people to visit regardless of any distance.
Placing the scooter outside of such shopping centres or malls will help people notice your brand.
Chances are people will either remember your product or suggest it to any of their friends or family. Promote your brand the right way!

5. At Traffic Signals

People spend on average an extra 33% of travel time stuck in traffic in Sydney. Getting stuck in traffic is stressful, but for business owners, this is a golden opportunity to market their brands with the help of scooter advertising.


Scooter advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that can do wonders for your business!

As a business, you may want to leverage any of the possible key resources to market your brand. At STT Advertising, we offer you a wide variety of billboard advertising services including mobile billboard advertising sydney, trailer advertising, signboards, and scooter billboard advertising in Sydney.

To discuss your billboard advertising plans, get in touch with us today!